Frequently Asked Questions

What is MATHdoozy?

MATHdoozy is an online and app-based service that provides real time solution to real math problem for K-College students – the solutions are provide by Solvers who are all University graduates and vetted by the Company.

Who is MATHdoozy designed for?

MATHdoozy is a service that anyone interested in solving Math problems can use. But we specifically try and address the K-College Math students.

How is MATHdoozy different from others?

MATHdoozy is not a calculator or a content company. We do not use computers to generate the answers or solutions. As far as we know, we are the only such company at this time.

What devices are supported?

At this time, for students, we only support iOS or Apple devices. We are working on bringing out an Android based app soon.

Do you have a subscription?

Yes, please refer to the PACKAGES section on our website.

Do you solve word problems?

We specialize in word based problems as an ordinary scientific calculator is not equipped to deal with word problems.

Can we submit a problem in any language?

Since our Solvers are only proficient in English, at this time, we are only able to handle problems submitted in English only.

What syllabus of problems can be submitted?

Any K-College Math problem can be submitted.

Do you solve graphs and how can I send them?

Graphs are an integral part of Math. As long as you are able to take an image of the graph and write the problem you need solved, we are confident we can solve any graph based problem.

Do you guarantee the answer is right?

While there are no guarantees we can provide, our Solvers are all highly qualified in Math and we constantly monitor and evaluate them. If the answer is not correct, we shall refund the credit for that solution.

How long does it take before I receive my answer?

We make every effort to address all problems sent immediately. However, the response time is a function of demand and at peak times, it may take longer than usual. We try and get your solution back to you as soon as we can.

How do I reset my password?

Please click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link and you will be able to reset your password – please remember to change it to something you will remember by going to SETTINGS under your dashboard. You can do it both online or in app.

How do I request a credit?

You will have the opportunity to rate every solution you receive – in fact, the rating is mandatory. If your rating is 3 or below for a legitimate reason, we will ourselves refund the credit to your account.

“My answer was ineligible”. “My problem was not solved/ or took too long”. “I did not understand the detailed explanation”. What do I do?

These are the reasons why any user would be unhappy and rate the solution 3 or below. We will look in to every solution rated 3 or below and take remedial action.

Do you have phone number where you can be reached?

Sorry we do not have a phone number you can call, but we attend to every single email that requires attention. Please email us at feedback@mathdoozy.com

Is MATHdoozy free?

MATHdoozy is not free. We have to pay our Solvers and earn a living for our own families too. We are ad-free and we do not collect any personal information to trade on. So, we are a paid service but we believe we are a fast, convenient, affordable service and offer a great value to all Math students.

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